Cask Away Crew

Session 10

Level Three Shenanigans


DAY 11 – 2nd, Midsol 7th

Following on from the day’s previous events, the group are sitting in the Cask Away after Lian’s dramatic exit. As afternoon turns to evening Marven decides to use Ander as a willing test subject to explore the properties of his Squid Ink he acquired from the giant squid fought aboard The Cunning Caper, finding that it causes its imbiber to experience mild heat resistant effects. Deciding there is not much else they can do for the day, the crew decide to call it a night and find the next morning feeling stronger, faster and better than ever before… (with Ander growing a lot of hair).

DAY 12 – 3rd, Midsol 7th

The meeting they intend to investigate was found out to take place on the 1st of the following week, and as had just turned 3rd, the gang spend the interim three days doing various activities. Belarius foraged for spell components, performed a weapon bonding ritual, and continued his reading. Lynn spent her time with her family business. Marven, Ander and Leon go into the fields and plains outside of the City . Marven searches for ingredients, Leon gathers rare food and herbs and successfully gains an animal companion by the name of Blaez, a Wolf. Ander meanwhile is attempting to use his newfound power to talk to Blaez to which Leon cautions the wolf of his orc friend’s ways. During all of this Haeden also goes to sell his signet ring in the town, bartering for a higher than offered price from the shopkeep.

DAY 13 – 5th, Midsol 7th

The group find themselves back in the Cask Away and discuss a plan for the following days investigation as Birin goes up to the table to ask for the party’s progress and course of action. After informing each other of the status quo and Ander making a deadpan request for a chicken, Birin returns to his duties. Later the seven (and wolf) go to their rooms ready to sleep as Marven uses Ander again to test a newly gained sample of rare flower found earlier in this forage resulting in a moderate healing effect. In return for his services Ander decides that Marven makes a comfy pillow, nearly crushing him before being persuaded to sleep in his own bed.

DAY 14 – 1st, Midsol 8th

As morning breaks on the day of the mysterious meeting, the party sans Ander awakes and proceeds to get ready for the day’s events. Belarius slaps Ander awake whilst blaming Marven for the rude awakening causing a dazed Ander to bolt up and run into the seperating walls promptly resulting in a floored and even more confused half-orc.

The crew eat breakfast and set off towards the temple of Corellon however upon reaching the bridge over the River Gilpin they are surrounded by a group of thugs led by a heavier armoured thug who ordered the thugs to attack.


Quick to react, Leon sends out Blaez to guard Lynn and Haeden and nicked one of the three thugs surrounding the group from behind. Lynn takes the opportunity to sleep said thug whilst Belarius charged at the leader and thug in front of the party forcing them back with a spell and fending off the leader’s vicious attacks. The battle becomes a hailstorm of bolts and spells as several bolts strike true on Haeden and Marven whilst Ander enrages and cleaves a nearby thug clean in two. Haeden takes the chance to create an acidic sphere that launches straight into a reloading crossbow-thug, melting his face and hands to the bone killing him.

Marven and Belarius struggle to land blows on the thug leader meanwhile Lynn’s firebolt goes wide of its intended target, striking the unsuspecting sleeping thug who immediately wakes up from the now burning state of his clothes and self. The thug leader starts pay back on Belarius landing two clean strikes with Belarius in turn surrounding him in demonic flames. At the back of the group Marta riding her trusty horse Viktor, swings her halberd goring a thug in the side and Haeden casts an empowered shatter spell obliterating the remaining two thugs at the rear of the party but also catching Leon and Marta in the radius.

Attention turning to the last thug alive, the leader, Ander, Marven, and Belarius deal heavy blows, leaving him bloody but still standing and as a firebolt from Lynn goes wide the leader deals a near mortal blow to Belarius before sprinting away from the trio, expertly but narrowly dodging all attempts to stop him. Marta and Viktor both back standing thanks to the help of Leon, charge for the run-away and using the long reach of the halberd cut him down and pierces his chest, walking back triumphantly to the rest of the group, silhouetted by the dawn glow of sunrise.

Author: Chris (Belarius)



Great session!!!!
(Apologies for my mistakes during it.)

Session 10

Changelog 2/1/2017 : Added extra hidden link

Session 10

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