Cask Away Crew

Session 11

Cemetery Showdown


DAY 14 – 1st, Midsol 8th

After defeating the guards on the bridge, the crew finally reach the other side, taking a well-deserved rest and time to restore their energy. As soon as they are done taking in the view of the river and larking around to kill time, they turn their attention to seeking out the temple. Upon arrival, Marta takes the opportunity to disguise herself as an elderly church-goer to infiltrate the church unknown. Meanwhile, Haeden unsuccessfully attempts to pickpocket a passerby after scanning the crowd for a worthwhile target. This interaction only resulted in raising the suspicion of everyone in vicinity as they are passing down the street.

Marven, Leon and Haeden take to hiding in a back alley whilst Ander and Belarius blend into the crowd. Marta advances into the church seemingly undercover despite a few bystanders noticing her surprisingly youthful stance for her age…

As the disguised Marta exits the church, she passes by Brother James, who now has his arm in a sling due to their previous meeting. Brother James then leaves the church and begins to walk to his meeting. The crew follow him whilst trying to blend in, with everyone being different distances from each other. Marta and Victor The Pony remained the closest to Brother James, Haeden, Leon and Blaez followed Marta and at the back, Ander, Belarus and Marven followed as well.

After remaining hidden to Brother James, Marta successfully stalks him back to a cemetery. Whilst still disguised as an elderly church goer, she decides to steal some flowers from a nearby window to help her blend in and appear like she is visiting someones grave. Shortly after this everyone else arrives. Before going further, Marta disguises herself yet again, and casts locate object to determine Brother James’ location.

Marta’s spell leads them to a central point in the cemetery. A grassy area, with a large tree in the middle, and a path behind it. Everyone spots Brother James beneath this tree, talking with a hooded stranger. Marven tries to duck behind a gravestone, but is spotted by the two of them, which then rumbles the rest of the party.

Leon quickly fires a single arrow into Brother James’ foot, as Ander decides to charge head first to him, however, Brother James stops him with a paralysis spell. Brother James then casts a spell, quickly followed by a crossbow bolt from Marven to the arm, which revokes his ability to cast. As soon as Ander recovers from the paralysis, he tackles James to the ground, backed up by Blaez’s growling. After more fighting, the hooded figure decides to make a run for it behind the tree, but is pursued by both Belarus and Marven. Hayden stays with the group and casts Firebolt and Magic Missiles at the fleeing target.

Later in the fight, the effect of James’ spell is revealed as skeletons armed with shortswords become reanimated and begin to attack the group. Anders is still grappling James to the floor, whilst Leon, Blaez, Haeden, and Marta occupy the attacking skeletons. On the other side, Belarus is still in pursuit of the hooded figure, whilst Marven shoots with his crossbow to attempt to slow him down. Despite this, the two of them are having difficulty stopping the hooded person, who has almost reached the end of the path and escaped. Marven takes one last shot with the crossbow and hits the hooded figure in the Achilles heel, which brings him tumbling to the ground, where he is soon apprehended by Belarus and Marven.

With the main targets taken care of, the crew are faced with the skeletons that James had previously summoned. How will the crew deal with these undead pests and who is the mysterious hooded figure, find out next session with the Cask Away Crew… and Ander.

Author: Hayden (Haeden)




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