Cask Away Crew

Session 12

Cemetery Showdown: Reanimated


DAY 14 – 1st, Midsol 8th

With the main targets taken care of, the crew are left with dealing with the skeletons that James had previously summoned. After swiftly knocking James unconscious with a headbutt, Ander approaches the skeletons currently surrounding Marta, and decimates one of them by ridding him of his legs and stomping him into a fine dust. Remembering where he is, Ander regains his composure just in time to dodge a strike from the nearby skeleton. Noticing the company of Ander, Marta sings a song as to inspire him, and inspire him it did as he is soon crushing the skeleton’s skull with his bare hands.

On the opposite side of the cemetery, Headen and a skeleton archer are having an intense ranged battle with arrows and firebolts colliding in midair. Meanwhile, noticing her surroundings are danger free, Marta sits upon James to ensure his capture. Belarius summons his scimitar which he dropped, to knock the hooded figure out cold whilst Marvin dashes to join him. Back to the fight with Headen and the skeleton archer, Leon joins the fight with a hit to the skeleton with his bow and then ducking for cover as does Headen, leading to an unaware charging Ander getting hit with an arrow from the skeleton archer. Seeing a window of opportunity Leon delivers the final blow to the archer with his longbow.

With the final skeleton dead the group can relax and loot if they so wish, but first Marta pours water on James, which cause him to suddenly awake and paralyse Marta. The paralysis doesn’t last for long as Leon steps on James, breaking the spell on her. Belarius and Marvin tie up the hooded stranger, and carry him to the rest of the groups location. Back together Marvin and Ander goes on a bone hunt, looting anything they find that could be of use to them. Marta question James as to who the stranger is and what this meeting is about but no answer from James is given,. upon seeing The stranger tied up, James’s expression changed to that of a worried look, thus Leon took this opportunity to indicate James but James is tougher than he look, and no response is given.

Belarius, annoyed from the lack of answers James has given the group, changes his eye colour to that of a blood starved demon. Dropping the stranger to the ground Belarius closes in on James and threatens so that he can tel us all he knows. This technique worked but maybe a little too well as James pisses his pants in fear and the will to fight in his eyes disappeared. Now susceptible to their questions but still with attitude, James tells them that the hooded man his the same as him, a worshipper of the Lich. With all the questioning going on the stranger awakes, terrified and willing to tell the group anything they so wish. The group quickly take a liking to this stranger as he seems willing to do anything they say as to not die.

Having a new source of information, the group agree that this stranger is a lot better than James, who simply gives you blunt answers with attitude. The group also talk about how the answers would be more truthful because of how terrified he is. Speaking out loud, Ander exclaims that he is going to kill James, whilst looking at the group for approval. seeing no nods of disagreement, Ander takes his spear and slowly drives it into James’s heart, distracted by this the group are unaware by an attempt of escape by the stranger, but is stopped short by Belarius who notices. In a terrified and near fainting, it would seem as though the stranger is in some kind of comatose state.

Realising that the stranger is in no condition anymore to give answers, the crew act upon themselves to clean up their mess. Leon collects his arrows, Marvin collect his bone meal, Belarius cleans up the stranger, Marta collects her horse and Ander buries James in a already dug hold by Blaez who was ready to bury a bone. With all their mess cleaned up and any evidence of what happened here minimal, Marta asks the stranger for his name, which he replies with “Paul”. With everything taken care of the crew proceed to head back to Cask Away with Paul. making their way out of the cemetery, Paul points to a mausoleum which attracts the attention of Marta, causing her to investigate the mausoleum and finding a suspicious door. Marta reports her findings to the crew and a planed is formed for Ander, Marvin and Belarius to stay behind to check it out while the others head back to Cask Away.

Ander’s group head towards the mausoleum, to find a iron barred door that is slightly ajar. Looking inside, the trio find shelves full of caskets lining the walls. Without hesitation Ander walks inside, ignoring the risks that may be at hand, spotting a chest at the back of the building which catches his eye. Upon trying to open the chest, his hands sink into it, and pull him in closer, whilst slime tentacles appearing behind it ready to grab anyone who dares fall victim to its ruse, and that somebody being Ander.

With the identity of the stranger revealed and the group split up, how will Marven and Belarius deal with this slime tentacle chest and will Ander be free of its sticky grasp. find out next session with, the Cask Away Crew.

Author: Calvin (Ander)




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