Cask Away Crew

Session 2

The Black Waters of Gilpin


DAY 2 – 3rd, Midsol 5th

The party spend the morning planning their next steps, speculating that purchasing passage on a ship up the river would be best. Haeden, however, decides his time would be better spent studying in one of Faversham’s temples, and parts ways for the time being. As the rest of the group approach the docks, they notice similarly dressed humanoids from the morning tailing them at a safe distance.

Upon reaching the docks, they board the nearby trading ship and speak to the captain, the charming and playful Gnome Saza. After negotiating a reasonable fair for the six of them, they notice Ander Kulenov at the helm, practically wearing an owlbear carcass. Lynn sweet talks the hulking tower of muscle, securing him as a solid member of the party… but at the cost of an undefined future “favour”.

During their spare time before The Cunning Caper is scheduled for departure, the party goes on a relatively fruitless shopping spree. Marta ensures her trusty ocarina is up to scratch by getting it tuned at Staff & Stuff music store, of which she is a regular. The rest of the party, sans Belarius who opted to stay on the ship, find their way to Jones’ Arcane Supplies magical component store. The proprietor of which warned them of the dangers of the location their taxi would be taking them to, that of the Viridian Swamp.

After regrouping back at The Cunning Caper, Saza sets sail for Duskbark Village, with the party confined to below decks for the duration. A few hours upstream from Faversham docks, the boat abruptly stops…

Following Saza’s orders cries for assistance, the party support her in a chaotic battle against two Giant Octopuses. One of which nearly had enough meat to last it a week, if it weren’t for the combined efforts of Ander and Belarius.

Many uneventful hours later, The Cunning Caper finally arrives at the first stop on it’s way up river: Duskbark Village on the outskirts of the Viridian Swamp. After securing board for the night (with Ander purchasing some questionable material from the night staff), the party head to bed, mostly unsure of the next day’s plans.

DAY 3 – 4th, Midsol 5th

The next morning Ander, perhaps feeling he has to earn his keep, forages a varied platter of nuts, berries, and fruit from the fertile environment.

After an unrewarding attempt to gather information from the local businesses by Leon, the party set out to prepare and gather supplies for the coming trek into the wilderness. Ander puts a deposit down on a bespoke metalwork order for a hunting horn, for a reason known only to him.

With the unknown of the Faversham Plains stretching out far in front of them, the crew make their way out of Duskbark Village. Despite the time of day, the sky suddenly darkens…

Author: Danilo (DM)




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