Cask Away Crew

Session 3

Plan A, Plan B, Plan 5, Plan Firestorm...


DAY 3 – 4th, Midsol 5th

As the morning sky darkens and the temperature plummets, a lightening crack appears as if from no where. Suddenly, Haeden is standing with the party, apparently utterly unaffected. Having finished his studies, he commandeered one of the teleportation sigils and used it to instantaneously appear next to his associates.

The reunited party cross over River Gilpin using the Duskbark bridge. Taking Belarius’ suggestion, they follow the river back south until it meets the foreboding Gilpin Forest.

Entering the forest, attempting to use it for cover, they find their progress impeded by hanging vines and thick underbrush. Marven, using harvested squid ink the day before, wisely attempts to mark their route through the forest, aided by Marta’s cartography skills.

As they find themselves within a wide natural corridor, their path is blocked by dense spider web, unlike any have seen before. Before they have time to find an alternative route, Marven who is studiously marking trees at the rear of the party finds himself rooted the floor, by the same substance.

After a sickening battle with two huge spiders, looking for those who disturb their territory to feed to their children, Ander suffers a poisonous bite to the thigh. It quickly takes control of his fine motor control, and he drops to the floor like a felled tree (ironically what he just attempted to do himself). Lucky for him, the spiders are dispatched before they can carry him off to their lair.

With Leon’s expert navigation, the party manage to make it through much closer to their intended destination. Fatigued by their slog through the forest, they decide to camp out under the stars.

DAY 4 – 5th, Midsol 5th
After an uneventful night, the party stealthily approach a point of interest they spotted a few miles away. Ander, Leon, and Haeden successfully manage to recon the settlement, avoiding the routine patrol.

Deciding that more information is required before action, the party shuffles around the side of the camp, eventually finding the main entrance.

In a single decisive action, Ander decides now is the time. He confidently strides towards the guards manning the door, before failing to muster a believable reason for his presence. Lucky for him, and seeing this, Lynn also decides she should do something, in the way she does best, and immediately flings a firebolt. With surprisingly quick thinking for a Half-Orc, Ander suggests he’s there to warn the camp of an impending attack, such as the firebolt over his head.

All things considered, he got off pretty lightly, but the last the crew see of him is handcuffs being placed around his wrists as he’s escorted in to the camp. In a matter of hours, what was reconnaissance has now changed to a break in. Using the same rope trick as before, one by one, the Cask Away Crew subtlety enter the camp.

However, Belarius being the last one in is then immediately the first one to mess up, as he conspicuously peers around the building, is spotted by a somebody on the inside…

Author: Danilo (DM)




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