Cask Away Crew

Session 8

Elven Poker Face and Mad Monks


DAY 11 – 2nd, Midsol 7th

The next morning everyone awakes a refreshed; Marven is let out of his confinement a little cold and nervous, but wilfully re-joins the group nonetheless. Before they are about to set off to find Leon and Marta, Lynn’s bumps into her brother to quickly catch up. After a touching moment between the two, Lynn, being an independent sorceress of the world, reassures him that she’ll return alive.

After enjoying breakfast with Birin, Leon goes off to acquire materials for more arrows while Marta heads off in search of a pony. Upon arrival back at the pub, Leon and Marta (along with Victor the Pony) find Birin deep in conversation with a group of people. Sometime after the rest of the Crew arrive, the strangers leave, having concluded their discussion.

Birin shares with the group that he has started spreading word of Noreak’s actions and the findings of the Cask Away Crew, the group thought they were given some time to find more evidence on Noreak’s actions are a little flustered by this, but Birin is steadfast and adamant in his course to protect his business and home town. Both parties agree to remain incognito for the time being, whilst they gather information and resources.

Birin, not having much knowledge on magic, directs the group to visit some of the local magic schools, temples to the various deities. The group split up once again with Leon and Marta heading to a church while the rest head to a local, prominent magic academy.
Upon reaching the school, they enquire as to who they can speak to about information on Liches and necromancy. They are granted audience with one of the senior academics, but first have to wade through a mountain of red tape just to be allowed inside.

After a long wait, during which the students change lessons, they are met by a mature, androgynous elf who eschews traditional formalities. Once in her office, they request information on the Lich and ways of being able to defeat him, detailing their counter in the desert. The scholarly elf strikes a deal with the group in which she will provide them information they seek, but in return they must gift the school with two artefacts. The group reluctantly agree and she hands over a list of items, the Potentiality Remnants, with an intrigued smirk across her almost concrete poker face. There are records of a Lich being spotted approximately 120 years ago, it’s possible this is the same as the one the crew have already encountered.

The group leave but before they can make their way out, they are propositioned by an anonymous whisper. Unable to find the source, they are given is instruction to meet around the back of the school. Being unable to merely walk around the back, the party have to sneak into the school after “leaving” innocuously the way they entered. Just as implied, at the rear of the main campus building they are greeted by a shady novice wizard who beckons them to follow him into an underground cellar where they can have a private discussion.

The team instantly know what to do and push Ander forward to go first so that they could break out if trapped. Once down, Lynn and Belarius converse with the stranger and ask him about dark magic and the lich they fought. They learn from the shady character about how to raise spectres and also a little more about liches in general. The gentleman also purveys a small supply of poisons and magical potions of varying use, in addition to his own heart-shaped pendant which protects him from poisons and diseases.

Meanwhile on the other side of town, Leon, Marta, and Victor head off to a church to look into a possible lead on the lich. Upon arrival, they spot the symbol of the god Corellon; an eight pointed star. They are soon approached by one of the appointed Brothers who graciously greets them, Marta asks if they have any information on liches, to which the monk reacts in shock. He leads them into an antechamber for a more private chat. However, before the pair can get their answer the monk grows almost feral, accuses them of “knowing too much”, then lunges at Leon with a scimitar.

Leon and Marta luckily react quickly enough to dodge the monks attacks and knock him out swiftly, taking the opportunity to restrain and interrogate him. Being wild with rage, he proves difficult to coerce, so Marta frisk him down and finds a mysterious envelop. She waves the it in his face and then reads it aloud, the two learning that the monk has been operating in secret within the church and that he had a regular meeting point. In a final act of defiance, the monk swears that they’ll never beat “him”, the two grow tired of his insults and knock him out cold, making a swift retreat back to the Cask Away before anyone finds him.

Upon their return, they inform Birin of what transpired. He reacts almost instantaneously, weapon in hand, and rallies them to go take out this dark perversion. Leon and Marta convince him not to be so hasty, and he regains his composure, deciding it’s best to wait for the others to return before proceeding on their next course of action…

Author: Sam (Leon)



If you liked the theme/pacing of this session, let me know!

Session 8

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