Birin Hopheart

Friendly landlord of the Cask Away tavern


Dwarf male
234 years old
Weathered, hands like stone mallets, but disposition of an old friend

In combat, wields a large woodworking chisel in one hand, and half a huge cask of ale as a shield in the other.


A natural wood worker, he quickly took up employment on a number of ships as a general purpose repairman, further enhancing this expertise.

Wanting to retire from that notoriously dangerous lifestyle, he settled in Faversham and opened the now respected Cask Away tavern, building and repairing the majority of the structure himself by hand. Still a practising woodworker, he builds all the furnishings for the pub, and runs a small side business for friends and family for any small orders they might have.

Being lawfully good to a fault, he’ll often apprehend or attack those he deems immoral without hearing them out, finding himself on the wrong side of vigilantism more than once.

Birin Hopheart

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