Lynn Vale

Sheltered alcoholic with family issues


Typically wearing fine clothing, ranging from the rare evening dress to casual tunics. She prefers earthy, dull colours opposed to bright and bold alternatives. Upon the start of her adventure, Lynn clothed herself in a finely woven gold-tinted shirt, shaped in the waist by a belt that held a few pouches filled with all sorts of items; these items she used often in sorcery. She wears a dark cloak, but doesn’t have it hooded often. Her hair is a ground-brown whilst her eyes present a dark, murky forest colour.

Stubborn, hot-headed, and bold, Lynn can appear impulsive at times. However she uses what she can to her advantage, and using her nobility, lulls people into trusting her. Lynn isn’t afraid to approach a stranger, and will often voice her opinion whether it’s welcome or not in a group. Despite this, she can be very apologetic, especially when she remembers she did something distasteful during a drunken state. She’s ashamed of herself in the way she acts but feels powerless to change her ways. Though often seeing people as a means of business, Lynn has a softer, caring side which she rarely shows. Seeing the injustice Faversham presented her, Lynn feels compelled to make a change, and through changes she believes are right.


Lynn Vale hails from a Faversham noble house known for their trading (Vale Vigors).

As a child, she adored her older brother, Kire, and often followed his lead much to her family’s dismay; when Kire took upon the sword, so did Lynn. This caused much gossip between neighbouring noble houses, and many deemed her unfit. This, in turn, deterred all of the potential suitors her mother and father (Isidora and Tyr) had tried to court for her future adolescent self.To counteract Lynn’s “boyish” ever growing attitude, her mother and father paid for a scholar to teach her the ways of magic. At first she resisted and refused to listen while being confined to her study room, but in later years she developed a fondness for the freedom and power magic brought, though she wasn’t particularly good at it. In the early years she even used it to play tricks on Kire, but soon she took her studies more seriously as time went on. Lynn lived a cosy, coddled life for the most part.

In the early hours of a winter morning, thieves crept into the Vale house and brutally attacked the family, hastily taking whatever valuables they could in the process. They left as quickly as they entered. The father Tyr clutched his hand to his wound, and upon finding his wife dead and his children nearly so, reached out to his draconic -statue heirloom. Within seconds, a booming voice erupted from this now radiating statue, and a vision of a grand silver dragon’s head dominated the room. Upon pleading to this creature, the dragon agreed to infuse its vitality with his children so that they may live. In return, it demanded that it would come back one day to claim something of theirs. What it will claim is still a mystery.

Since then, Lynn distanced herself from her family. While her brother tries to repair the family’s broken reputation and waning wealth, Lynn has chosen to follow her own ideals, though she secretly wishes to gain her father’s favour. She clings to a false hope that her mother can yet be revived and is ever in search of a way to raise her as well as having an unhealthy thirst for power so that she may never have to feel vulnerable again.

Family: Tyr, her father, loosely manages their family business, Vale Vigors; however since the death of Isidora a few years back, he passed on most of the duties to Kire, his eldest child. Though often acting stern and orderly, Tyr at heart is gentle.

Kire is Lynn’s older brother and heir. He was groomed into his position and takes pride in continuing the family trade. That being said, this did not stop him and his playful attitude from annoying Lynn as children. Despite both being adults, Kire still likes to tease Lynn when he can.

Isidora is the deceased mother to Lynn and Kire. She was a lively character, proud of her heritage and family.

Lynn Vale

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