Cask Away Crew

Session 12
Cemetery Showdown: Reanimated


DAY 14 – 1st, Midsol 8th

With the main targets taken care of, the crew are left with dealing with the skeletons that James had previously summoned. After swiftly knocking James unconscious with a headbutt, Ander approaches the skeletons currently surrounding Marta, and decimates one of them by ridding him of his legs and stomping him into a fine dust. Remembering where he is, Ander regains his composure just in time to dodge a strike from the nearby skeleton. Noticing the company of Ander, Marta sings a song as to inspire him, and inspire him it did as he is soon crushing the skeleton’s skull with his bare hands.

On the opposite side of the cemetery, Headen and a skeleton archer are having an intense ranged battle with arrows and firebolts colliding in midair. Meanwhile, noticing her surroundings are danger free, Marta sits upon James to ensure his capture. Belarius summons his scimitar which he dropped, to knock the hooded figure out cold whilst Marvin dashes to join him. Back to the fight with Headen and the skeleton archer, Leon joins the fight with a hit to the skeleton with his bow and then ducking for cover as does Headen, leading to an unaware charging Ander getting hit with an arrow from the skeleton archer. Seeing a window of opportunity Leon delivers the final blow to the archer with his longbow.

With the final skeleton dead the group can relax and loot if they so wish, but first Marta pours water on James, which cause him to suddenly awake and paralyse Marta. The paralysis doesn’t last for long as Leon steps on James, breaking the spell on her. Belarius and Marvin tie up the hooded stranger, and carry him to the rest of the groups location. Back together Marvin and Ander goes on a bone hunt, looting anything they find that could be of use to them. Marta question James as to who the stranger is and what this meeting is about but no answer from James is given,. upon seeing The stranger tied up, James’s expression changed to that of a worried look, thus Leon took this opportunity to indicate James but James is tougher than he look, and no response is given.

Belarius, annoyed from the lack of answers James has given the group, changes his eye colour to that of a blood starved demon. Dropping the stranger to the ground Belarius closes in on James and threatens so that he can tel us all he knows. This technique worked but maybe a little too well as James pisses his pants in fear and the will to fight in his eyes disappeared. Now susceptible to their questions but still with attitude, James tells them that the hooded man his the same as him, a worshipper of the Lich. With all the questioning going on the stranger awakes, terrified and willing to tell the group anything they so wish. The group quickly take a liking to this stranger as he seems willing to do anything they say as to not die.

Having a new source of information, the group agree that this stranger is a lot better than James, who simply gives you blunt answers with attitude. The group also talk about how the answers would be more truthful because of how terrified he is. Speaking out loud, Ander exclaims that he is going to kill James, whilst looking at the group for approval. seeing no nods of disagreement, Ander takes his spear and slowly drives it into James’s heart, distracted by this the group are unaware by an attempt of escape by the stranger, but is stopped short by Belarius who notices. In a terrified and near fainting, it would seem as though the stranger is in some kind of comatose state.

Realising that the stranger is in no condition anymore to give answers, the crew act upon themselves to clean up their mess. Leon collects his arrows, Marvin collect his bone meal, Belarius cleans up the stranger, Marta collects her horse and Ander buries James in a already dug hold by Blaez who was ready to bury a bone. With all their mess cleaned up and any evidence of what happened here minimal, Marta asks the stranger for his name, which he replies with “Paul”. With everything taken care of the crew proceed to head back to Cask Away with Paul. making their way out of the cemetery, Paul points to a mausoleum which attracts the attention of Marta, causing her to investigate the mausoleum and finding a suspicious door. Marta reports her findings to the crew and a planed is formed for Ander, Marvin and Belarius to stay behind to check it out while the others head back to Cask Away.

Ander’s group head towards the mausoleum, to find a iron barred door that is slightly ajar. Looking inside, the trio find shelves full of caskets lining the walls. Without hesitation Ander walks inside, ignoring the risks that may be at hand, spotting a chest at the back of the building which catches his eye. Upon trying to open the chest, his hands sink into it, and pull him in closer, whilst slime tentacles appearing behind it ready to grab anyone who dares fall victim to its ruse, and that somebody being Ander.

With the identity of the stranger revealed and the group split up, how will Marven and Belarius deal with this slime tentacle chest and will Ander be free of its sticky grasp. find out next session with, the Cask Away Crew.

Author: Calvin (Ander)


Session 11
Cemetery Showdown


DAY 14 – 1st, Midsol 8th

After defeating the guards on the bridge, the crew finally reach the other side, taking a well-deserved rest and time to restore their energy. As soon as they are done taking in the view of the river and larking around to kill time, they turn their attention to seeking out the temple. Upon arrival, Marta takes the opportunity to disguise herself as an elderly church-goer to infiltrate the church unknown. Meanwhile, Haeden unsuccessfully attempts to pickpocket a passerby after scanning the crowd for a worthwhile target. This interaction only resulted in raising the suspicion of everyone in vicinity as they are passing down the street.

Marven, Leon and Haeden take to hiding in a back alley whilst Ander and Belarius blend into the crowd. Marta advances into the church seemingly undercover despite a few bystanders noticing her surprisingly youthful stance for her age…

As the disguised Marta exits the church, she passes by Brother James, who now has his arm in a sling due to their previous meeting. Brother James then leaves the church and begins to walk to his meeting. The crew follow him whilst trying to blend in, with everyone being different distances from each other. Marta and Victor The Pony remained the closest to Brother James, Haeden, Leon and Blaez followed Marta and at the back, Ander, Belarus and Marven followed as well.

After remaining hidden to Brother James, Marta successfully stalks him back to a cemetery. Whilst still disguised as an elderly church goer, she decides to steal some flowers from a nearby window to help her blend in and appear like she is visiting someones grave. Shortly after this everyone else arrives. Before going further, Marta disguises herself yet again, and casts locate object to determine Brother James’ location.

Marta’s spell leads them to a central point in the cemetery. A grassy area, with a large tree in the middle, and a path behind it. Everyone spots Brother James beneath this tree, talking with a hooded stranger. Marven tries to duck behind a gravestone, but is spotted by the two of them, which then rumbles the rest of the party.

Leon quickly fires a single arrow into Brother James’ foot, as Ander decides to charge head first to him, however, Brother James stops him with a paralysis spell. Brother James then casts a spell, quickly followed by a crossbow bolt from Marven to the arm, which revokes his ability to cast. As soon as Ander recovers from the paralysis, he tackles James to the ground, backed up by Blaez’s growling. After more fighting, the hooded figure decides to make a run for it behind the tree, but is pursued by both Belarus and Marven. Hayden stays with the group and casts Firebolt and Magic Missiles at the fleeing target.

Later in the fight, the effect of James’ spell is revealed as skeletons armed with shortswords become reanimated and begin to attack the group. Anders is still grappling James to the floor, whilst Leon, Blaez, Haeden, and Marta occupy the attacking skeletons. On the other side, Belarus is still in pursuit of the hooded figure, whilst Marven shoots with his crossbow to attempt to slow him down. Despite this, the two of them are having difficulty stopping the hooded person, who has almost reached the end of the path and escaped. Marven takes one last shot with the crossbow and hits the hooded figure in the Achilles heel, which brings him tumbling to the ground, where he is soon apprehended by Belarus and Marven.

With the main targets taken care of, the crew are faced with the skeletons that James had previously summoned. How will the crew deal with these undead pests and who is the mysterious hooded figure, find out next session with the Cask Away Crew… and Ander.

Author: Hayden (Haeden)


Session 10
Level Three Shenanigans


DAY 11 – 2nd, Midsol 7th

Following on from the day’s previous events, the group are sitting in the Cask Away after Lian’s dramatic exit. As afternoon turns to evening Marven decides to use Ander as a willing test subject to explore the properties of his Squid Ink he acquired from the giant squid fought aboard The Cunning Caper, finding that it causes its imbiber to experience mild heat resistant effects. Deciding there is not much else they can do for the day, the crew decide to call it a night and find the next morning feeling stronger, faster and better than ever before… (with Ander growing a lot of hair).

DAY 12 – 3rd, Midsol 7th

The meeting they intend to investigate was found out to take place on the 1st of the following week, and as had just turned 3rd, the gang spend the interim three days doing various activities. Belarius foraged for spell components, performed a weapon bonding ritual, and continued his reading. Lynn spent her time with her family business. Marven, Ander and Leon go into the fields and plains outside of the City . Marven searches for ingredients, Leon gathers rare food and herbs and successfully gains an animal companion by the name of Blaez, a Wolf. Ander meanwhile is attempting to use his newfound power to talk to Blaez to which Leon cautions the wolf of his orc friend’s ways. During all of this Haeden also goes to sell his signet ring in the town, bartering for a higher than offered price from the shopkeep.

DAY 13 – 5th, Midsol 7th

The group find themselves back in the Cask Away and discuss a plan for the following days investigation as Birin goes up to the table to ask for the party’s progress and course of action. After informing each other of the status quo and Ander making a deadpan request for a chicken, Birin returns to his duties. Later the seven (and wolf) go to their rooms ready to sleep as Marven uses Ander again to test a newly gained sample of rare flower found earlier in this forage resulting in a moderate healing effect. In return for his services Ander decides that Marven makes a comfy pillow, nearly crushing him before being persuaded to sleep in his own bed.

DAY 14 – 1st, Midsol 8th

As morning breaks on the day of the mysterious meeting, the party sans Ander awakes and proceeds to get ready for the day’s events. Belarius slaps Ander awake whilst blaming Marven for the rude awakening causing a dazed Ander to bolt up and run into the seperating walls promptly resulting in a floored and even more confused half-orc.

The crew eat breakfast and set off towards the temple of Corellon however upon reaching the bridge over the River Gilpin they are surrounded by a group of thugs led by a heavier armoured thug who ordered the thugs to attack.


Quick to react, Leon sends out Blaez to guard Lynn and Haeden and nicked one of the three thugs surrounding the group from behind. Lynn takes the opportunity to sleep said thug whilst Belarius charged at the leader and thug in front of the party forcing them back with a spell and fending off the leader’s vicious attacks. The battle becomes a hailstorm of bolts and spells as several bolts strike true on Haeden and Marven whilst Ander enrages and cleaves a nearby thug clean in two. Haeden takes the chance to create an acidic sphere that launches straight into a reloading crossbow-thug, melting his face and hands to the bone killing him.

Marven and Belarius struggle to land blows on the thug leader meanwhile Lynn’s firebolt goes wide of its intended target, striking the unsuspecting sleeping thug who immediately wakes up from the now burning state of his clothes and self. The thug leader starts pay back on Belarius landing two clean strikes with Belarius in turn surrounding him in demonic flames. At the back of the group Marta riding her trusty horse Viktor, swings her halberd goring a thug in the side and Haeden casts an empowered shatter spell obliterating the remaining two thugs at the rear of the party but also catching Leon and Marta in the radius.

Attention turning to the last thug alive, the leader, Ander, Marven, and Belarius deal heavy blows, leaving him bloody but still standing and as a firebolt from Lynn goes wide the leader deals a near mortal blow to Belarius before sprinting away from the trio, expertly but narrowly dodging all attempts to stop him. Marta and Viktor both back standing thanks to the help of Leon, charge for the run-away and using the long reach of the halberd cut him down and pierces his chest, walking back triumphantly to the rest of the group, silhouetted by the dawn glow of sunrise.

Author: Chris (Belarius)


Session 9
With Great Power Comes Great... Tomfoolery?


DAY 11 – 2nd, Midsol 7th

After the crew finish dealing with the shady fellow at RFT, they head out from his lair whereupon they spot the doorman approaching their position. Belarius, sensing a bad omen, decides running is the best option and sprints away, meanwhile the rest of the group are confronted by the doorman who relays information from Lolleth that the lich of 120 years past only had its physical body destroyed, and not its phylactery. He also explains that the lich was previously the magical aide to the then Marquess, but was unhappy with the way the city was run, and launched an unsuccessful coup.

After catching up with Belarius, the rest of the gang reunite with Leon and Marta back at the Cask Away, where the pair share what happened at the Church of Corellon, telling them of the feral monk and his vague letter regarding a secretive meeting. Likewise, the rest of the group update Leon and Marta of their findings at RFT, including the Potentiality Remnants. The team, with some passionate encouragement from Birin, decide to investigate the monk’s meetings whilst Haeden and Marven decide to perform an act of their own.

Belarius, Lynn and Ander upon reaching the temple of Corellon decide that Marta and Leon’s re-appearance in the area might not be welcomed kindly and it is agreed for them to wait in hiding until the three have finished their investigation. Upon the trio entering the church they question a distraught monk who had helped the other two the other time. With some careful probing and Ander’s intimidating presence they learned the “when”, but unfortunately not the “where”.

Meanwhile, Haeden, feeling partially responsible for the loss of Marven’s longbow, offers to assist him in carrying out a scam he’d been planning for some time. The two of them decided to create the image of a platinum coin using Haeden’s predistigitation spell and use it to buy a new bow. After locating a suitable weapons shop, the pair dive into a nearby alley and with a dull flash of blue light, create the image in Haeden’s palm.

Entering the store, Marven nonchalantly asks the proprietor to purchase a brand new longbow and 30 arrows. However, their plan suddenly falls short when the shop owner attempts to take the coin from Haeden, and is unable to touch the transient illusion. In a moment of adrenaline induced inspiration, Marven suspects that they might’ve had a higher chance of success if they made a physical Gold Coin appear Platinum. However, due to their lack of planning, this is not the gambit they went with, and the proprietor immediately see’s through the amateur spell and calls two guards to take care of the troublemakers using illicit magic for reprehensible exploits. In a last ditch attempt, Haeden tries to carry out Marven’s Gold coin disguise idea just as they are handcuffed, which does manage to trick the uninformed guards, but sadly not the shop owner and the they are arrested anyway.

On route to prison, Haeden is able to bribe the guards with eight Gold for their freedom, but they also have to carry out a small task for them in return. The guards weren’t happy with their current work schedule; always having to patrol in the evenings, missing dinner with their families. They asked Haeden and Marven to enter their boss’ office in the prison and change their work times, this way the guards have plausible deniability. Marven and Haeden agreed and were taken to the prison with open manacles and placed in unobserved, unlocked cell. Later in the evening when the prison is quieter, one of the bribed guards comes down to give them the signal, and Marven and Haeden make their way upstairs. Checking to see if anyone can see them the pair sneak into the office and search frantically for the ledger. Headen finds no such paperwork his in panicked hunt, but Marven takes a moment and attains some clarity, finding the timetable amidst the documents discarded from the desk. He studies the handwriting already in there, and changes the timetable with a similar cursive, hopefully imitating the boss enough that the subtle modifications go unnoticed. Working together to quickly reset the office, covering their traces, the pair of con artists make their way out of the prison incognito, after informing their municipal comrades that their task has been completed.

Upon their arrival back at the Cask Away, the miscreants are interrogated by the rest of the group as to their whereabouts. Assuming an air of confidence, Marven explains what happened, but ensures them everything is “taken care of”. The group collectively decide to think about heading towards Thesk, where they believe the Sun Blade is located, one of the Potentiality Remnants they are after.

Not long after, as they are enjoying dinner, the lively bar suddenly goes quiet after the entrance of a very rugged and muscular human male. Quickly noticing their large group of diverse individuals, he makes a beeline for their table. Ander swiftly informs his party that he recognises the approaching as Lian, a slaver from the mining camp Ander was forced to work in as a child. Lian explains that he has heard of their exploits, and intentions, and reveals that he is intimately familiar with their intended destination. Proposing to aid them in their quest for the Sun Blade, Lian simply asks for all of the rest of the loot they find on the expedition. Belarius negotiates a week to finish up business in the town to which Lian reluctantly agrees. Ander knows that this man is trouble; he can be ferocious and was actually believed to be dead, but nevertheless takes him up on the offer. Leaving the group as abruptly as he joined, Lian tells them to meet him in a week without fail, allowing the gang to finish the evening in the bar and get some rest for the next morning…

What will happen next time with the Cask Away Crew? Will Marven learn from his mistakes? And if Lian has survived the rockslide, who else from Ander’s violent past has survived too? And what of the aggressive monk’s meetings? How high does this corruption reach and what foul plots are being advanced in the shadows?

Author: Micky (Marven)


Session 8
Elven Poker Face and Mad Monks


DAY 11 – 2nd, Midsol 7th

The next morning everyone awakes a refreshed; Marven is let out of his confinement a little cold and nervous, but wilfully re-joins the group nonetheless. Before they are about to set off to find Leon and Marta, Lynn’s bumps into her brother to quickly catch up. After a touching moment between the two, Lynn, being an independent sorceress of the world, reassures him that she’ll return alive.

After enjoying breakfast with Birin, Leon goes off to acquire materials for more arrows while Marta heads off in search of a pony. Upon arrival back at the pub, Leon and Marta (along with Victor the Pony) find Birin deep in conversation with a group of people. Sometime after the rest of the Crew arrive, the strangers leave, having concluded their discussion.

Birin shares with the group that he has started spreading word of Noreak’s actions and the findings of the Cask Away Crew, the group thought they were given some time to find more evidence on Noreak’s actions are a little flustered by this, but Birin is steadfast and adamant in his course to protect his business and home town. Both parties agree to remain incognito for the time being, whilst they gather information and resources.

Birin, not having much knowledge on magic, directs the group to visit some of the local magic schools, temples to the various deities. The group split up once again with Leon and Marta heading to a church while the rest head to a local, prominent magic academy.
Upon reaching the school, they enquire as to who they can speak to about information on Liches and necromancy. They are granted audience with one of the senior academics, but first have to wade through a mountain of red tape just to be allowed inside.

After a long wait, during which the students change lessons, they are met by a mature, androgynous elf who eschews traditional formalities. Once in her office, they request information on the Lich and ways of being able to defeat him, detailing their counter in the desert. The scholarly elf strikes a deal with the group in which she will provide them information they seek, but in return they must gift the school with two artefacts. The group reluctantly agree and she hands over a list of items, the Potentiality Remnants, with an intrigued smirk across her almost concrete poker face. There are records of a Lich being spotted approximately 120 years ago, it’s possible this is the same as the one the crew have already encountered.

The group leave but before they can make their way out, they are propositioned by an anonymous whisper. Unable to find the source, they are given is instruction to meet around the back of the school. Being unable to merely walk around the back, the party have to sneak into the school after “leaving” innocuously the way they entered. Just as implied, at the rear of the main campus building they are greeted by a shady novice wizard who beckons them to follow him into an underground cellar where they can have a private discussion.

The team instantly know what to do and push Ander forward to go first so that they could break out if trapped. Once down, Lynn and Belarius converse with the stranger and ask him about dark magic and the lich they fought. They learn from the shady character about how to raise spectres and also a little more about liches in general. The gentleman also purveys a small supply of poisons and magical potions of varying use, in addition to his own heart-shaped pendant which protects him from poisons and diseases.

Meanwhile on the other side of town, Leon, Marta, and Victor head off to a church to look into a possible lead on the lich. Upon arrival, they spot the symbol of the god Corellon; an eight pointed star. They are soon approached by one of the appointed Brothers who graciously greets them, Marta asks if they have any information on liches, to which the monk reacts in shock. He leads them into an antechamber for a more private chat. However, before the pair can get their answer the monk grows almost feral, accuses them of “knowing too much”, then lunges at Leon with a scimitar.

Leon and Marta luckily react quickly enough to dodge the monks attacks and knock him out swiftly, taking the opportunity to restrain and interrogate him. Being wild with rage, he proves difficult to coerce, so Marta frisk him down and finds a mysterious envelop. She waves the it in his face and then reads it aloud, the two learning that the monk has been operating in secret within the church and that he had a regular meeting point. In a final act of defiance, the monk swears that they’ll never beat “him”, the two grow tired of his insults and knock him out cold, making a swift retreat back to the Cask Away before anyone finds him.

Upon their return, they inform Birin of what transpired. He reacts almost instantaneously, weapon in hand, and rallies them to go take out this dark perversion. Leon and Marta convince him not to be so hasty, and he regains his composure, deciding it’s best to wait for the others to return before proceeding on their next course of action…

Author: Sam (Leon)


Session 7
Cask Return Crew


DAY 8 – 4th, Midsol 6th

Deciding it’s best to return to Arosh with their findings, the party retrace their steps, making the harrowing trip back through the Suraban Desert.

DAY 9 – 5th, Midsol 6th

Upon reaching the familiar sight of the camp, the party approach Arosh. With a darkened brow, she brushes off all attempts Ander makes at courting, much to his dismay. Upon explaining their situation regarding the Lich and the spectres, Arosh quietens and leaves before returning with guards in arms. The party promptly prods her with a barrage of questions to which she dismisses. With one last solemn look, Arosh’s parting words were bitter, stating that due to the party’s failure, she must now send out her men to do something they didn’t want to do.

With a look of defeat, the party decides to make a stop to Dustbark Village on the way to Faversham. As night falls, eventually the crew make their way to the tavern to get some well-deserved rest. Lynn, feeling the most comfortable she felt in a long time, opens a tab for herself and a few of the crew. The party relaxes, and Marta even convinces the proprietor to let her perform, choosing to perform a song cheerfully about the (second) time the party almost died. The bustling atmosphere erupts as she then proceeds to bluff Lynn’s birthday, getting free drinks for the rest of the night.

Meanwhile, Ander, having finished off his Dragon’s Fortune drink, challenges the whole room to an arm wrestle. A hulking mass of a half-giant accepts the challenge and the two soon lock eyes. After a drawn-out power struggle between the two, Ander emerges as the victor, leaving the once proud half-giant to angrily retreat to his table.

As the tavern quietens down, Belarius, Lynn and Haeden continue to drink. The alcohol finally takes its toll on the trio when Lynn winces, indicating that she’s going to throw up, leaving Haeden and Belarius to stagger back and fall off their chairs onto the floor.

The rest of the party is left to pick up the pieces as the three drunkards are carried to the nearest inn, generously paid for by Leon.

Marven and Ander opt to take advantage of the situation with an ever so subtle prank on Haeden and Belarius…

DAY 10 – 1st, Midsol 7th

The next day, Haeden sets out with revenge in sight; he casts a firebolt at Marven, but misses and hits the now distraught Andre’s shop instead. A fight commences, and despite the best efforts to resolve the dispute and leave, Andre demands payment from Marven and his allies for the chaos they caused. Ultimately, Marven strikes a deal to hand over his trusty longbow and arrows to Andre, but demands that Haeden repay him later.

Marta and Leon inquire about the ships leading to Faversham, the party’s next destination. Meeting Saza a second time, the party board again The Cunning Caper, and travel back to the city where they first met. The party splits, with Leon and Marta choosing to visit Birin to get some answers and the rest following Lynn to her family’s house. After Marven’s actions back in Dustbark, she decide it best that Marven stay in more ‘secure’ lodging as not to cause any more trouble, let alone cause damage to her family home. She even makes him pay for his stay as to show him there is consequence for his actions. Marven, knowing he can’t argue this, pays Lynn and reluctantly heads into the storage room. After dealing with the sleeping situation, Lynn briefly catches up with a very sombre and drained Kire before sleeping.

At Cask Away, the normally cordial dwarf Birin recoils at the information Marta and Leon report, feeling compelled to let the whole city know, regardless of the consequences.

Author: Anna (Lynn)


Session 6
A Date with Death


DAY 7 – 3rd, Midsol 6th

As Lynn slowly turns around, she sees a floating skeletal apparition appear from the far wall. Panicked and frightened, she does everything in her power to halt the approach of this ethereal menace, but ultimately it wasn’t enough. In one icy grasp, it drains her life force completely, with her last action a desperate scream as the air leaves her lungs and her body hits the floor.

Meanwhile, Marta and Ander face their own spectre in the street, as it does it’s best to drain Ander of his strength. In the room adjacent to Lynn’s, Marven and Belarius face off with a different kind of enemy, as Marven’s own shadow rises up and saps Belarius of his life. Back outside, a similar blackness slithers up the porch, robbing Haeden of his consciousness.

Fighting transient phantoms on all fronts, the Cask Away Crew valiantly survive the encounter, powering through their resistances, with Marta’s spiteful side providing assistance. No member of the party made it out unscathed however, and the rag tag band weren’t lucky enough to rest; as soon as they regrouped, the raging bonfire Ander had lit was quickly snuffed out, as if by itself.

Peering out the window, Belarius and Ander see a visage of death, imposing and necrotic in nature, this gilded corpse appears from nowhere on a flaming steed, corrupting the ground it stands on. Commanding its mount to leave as it arrived, the new arrival turns its attention to the Crew, situated in the second floor bedroom, and starts to approach the abode.

With little time to formulate a plan, the majority of the party decide to bail out of the window, back down on to the street, some more elegantly than others. Lynn and Leon in the next room opt for a more subtle form of defense, concealing themselves behind an illusory bookcase. Ander, wanting a piece of the action, stands strong willing to face this otherworldly creature, who promptly incapacitates Ander effortlessly with a single word.

Out on the street, the majority of the rest of the crew don’t get far before this being appears before them. Marven flippantly and facetiously dares to respond to one of its rhetorical questions, the response he gets is agonising pain, as all his nerve endings light up simultaneously, overloading his brain turning him into a fitting, drooling shambles on the sand. The being follows this up by exhaling a large amount of muddy-coloured gas, seeping in to the armour and skin, through their pursed lips and clamped shut eyes, until the rest succumb to coughing and vomiting fits, removing them of control of their bodily functions.

Its final act of arrogance is to, almost half heatedly, dispel Lynn’s illusion with a flick of the wrist. Informing the only two standing adventurers that “nothing they’ve done has saved this town”, that it had got what it had came for, and was long finished with the place. Lynn and Leon rush downstairs, just in time to see it remount its incandescent mare, before disappearing just as quickly as it arrived.

Leon quickly repairs the well as best he can with the tools at his disposal. Collecting fresh water, he and Lynn care for their companions, trying to make them as comfortable as they can be, one-by-one migrating them back into the bedroom upstairs.

DAY 8 – 4th, Midsol 6th

After spending the night attempting to sleep off the effects, the crew awake to find themselves with the mother of all hangovers. Aching, weary, and sore, they take stock of the situation, filling each other in on what happened.

Lynn, being fortunate enough to have a formal and private education, recalls a being such as the one they experienced the night before, in one of her sorcery books. It most closely resembled what is commonly referred to as a Lich. Formerly a magic user such as Lynn, a Lich has transcended mortality, sacrificing its humanity in the process.

With this knowledge, and a chance to analyse the events of the night before, it would appear that in the Lich’s arrogance, he was seemingly pulling his punches with the group, merely toying with them.

Disturbed by the power of the creature, and depressed by its ill omens, the Cask Away Crew debate their next steps.

Author: Danilo (DM)


Session 5
Remnants of the Past


DAY 6 – 2nd, Midsol 6th

Spending some time exploring what remains of Arosh’s desert home, the party find it abandoned. All that remains are empty buildings frozen in time, most in dire need of repair. Haeden spends his time wisely investigating each of the buildings, while doing so he recycles one of the lounge chairs, re-purposing the frame to use as fire wood. Meanwhile, the rest of the group scatter around the settlement, searching for any clues to the ethereal mystery. Marven and Ander kill the coarse monotony and sensory deprivation by engaging in various hi-jinks.

Assuming the typical ghost trope of only being active during moonlit hours, they decide to bunker down for the night, dotted around the town. Unbeknownst to the rest of the party, Marta’s keen eyes and advantageous position allow her vision of mere traces, benign suggestions that perhaps the Cask Away Crew are not as alone as first impressions would imply. On the other hand, Marven believes his time would be best spent searching for buried treasure, unfortunately leading to a fruitless and exhausting night.

DAY 7 – 3rd, Midsol 6th

After a surprisingly uneventful night, the group rejoin to consider their options. Marta, perhaps passing it off as heat induced hallucination, omits her visions from the conversation. However, intuiting that might not be the end of it, she attempts to detect any kind of magic in the area. Again, sensing nothing certain, only faint echos of something arcane, presumably from the night before.

Realising the settlement well has thus far been unexplored, Belarius, using Ander as a living anchor, launches an expedition into the dark depths of the local well. Unfortunately, due to the absence of light and awkward conditions, he is unable to perceive anything far below the surface.

After resurfacing, they bring the whole crew to where Marven, having a day off from adventuring, is napping in the shade. Before they decide any further concrete actions, a stranger approaches from the main street upon a horse. Haeden successfully manages to telepathically communicate with them, who he quickly recognises as his old acquaintance Lilithia. She warns the group of the dangers of this part of the desert, and that they have been exceptionally lucky to have made it this long unmolested. Generally staying away, so not having seen anything first hand, she can aid the adventurers only so much. Ander, being Ander, attempts to forcibly keep Lilithia with the party by incapacitating her horse. This doesn’t work out so well, as he ends up paralysed and prone… for a second time this week. Being unwilling to stay much longer as it was, and now disgruntled, Lilithia rides off into the sunset, leaving the group with a bitter warning.

Heeding her advice, they take action and prepare themselves for the second night in the settlement. Using Haeden’s firewood and an assortment of torches, they shed light throughout the main street, with members of the crew posted to various positions of vigil. Once again Marta extends her sphere of consciousness, in order to catch the same traces as the night before.

As the sun is replaced by the moon, and their torches cast flickering light over the buildings, Marta perceives a veritable fountain of magical essence on the periphery of her senses. At the same time, Lynn, who was taking watch in one of the nearby bedrooms, suddenly notices the room get very cold.

Are the crew about to encounter the subject of Lilithia’s dire warnings? How do they propose to counter this menace? What exactly is the nature of Haden and Lilithia’s relationship? Closing the seventh day with more questions than answers, anything could happen over the course of the next few days.

Author: Danilo (DM)


Session 4
Midnight Massacre


DAY 4 – 5th, Midsol 5th

As soon as Belarius is spotted, the encampment alarm is sounded, and before they have time to react, the crew find themselves surrounded and outnumbered by armed guards. From the ranks of which steps their leader, the female half-orc who goes by the name Arosh.

After cuffing all the intruders and leading them inside, Arosh questioned the party as to their intentions. Despite their best efforts to blag their way out of the situation, the experienced Arosh easily saw through their deceptions and managed to ascertain exactly what they’re up to. After hearing their side of the story, and reuniting them with Ander, Arosh felt it necessary to defend herself against the actions of the minority of their group. Explaining that they are not agitating Faversham out of choice, rather, they are actually employed by none other than The Marquess himself. She explains that they originally eked out a living in the Suraban Desert as mercenaries and guards. However, one night they were overrun by a wave of ethereal ghouls, who attacked indiscriminately and without mercy.

Barely managing to escape with their lives, the few survivors fled for Faversham, under the impression that the leaders there would aid them. This proved, at least for now, a naive assumption, as Noreak was not willing to provide something for nothing. For reasons known only to him, he has promised to help Arosh and her followers, but only if they occasionally but consistently launch raids on the city and surrounding areas. The alternative being homelessness and starvation, Arosh reluctantly agreed.

Being presented with this information, the party offered to see if they can resolve the relative unknown of the desert ghosts, freeing the mercenaries from their immoral contract. Arosh, herself intrigued by Noreak’s machinations, vows to aid the crew when she can, should they be successful.

Throughout this discussion, finding the entire thing boring, Ander’s attention lied elsewhere entirely, plotting a “conquest” of his own…

DAY 5 – 1st, Midsol 6th

After a night spent at the camp, the party set out towards the Suraban Desert. Aided by a local map provided by Arosh, Marven navigates successfully, and leaving the dangers of the river and forest behind them, the party enjoy a peaceful march across the Faversham plains. They reach the edge of the desert in the middle of the night, ready for a solid nights sleep after a long days walking.

Unfortunately for them, this was not to be. During Lynn’s watch, the party are attacked by a dozen or so stirges, grotesque bat-mosquito hybrids looking to feast. The swarm of pests drank from every party member, incapacitating them one by one as they fell victim to rapid blood loss.

If it wasn’t for the quick thinking of Marven and Ander, the party could’ve easily met a grim end right there on the cliff edge. Marven’s rapid application of his healer’s kit managed to stabilise Marta, ensuring at least her survival, before succumbing to two bites himself. Meanwhile, Ander’s mad rage at these insects lead to him destroying three of them, without the use of his weapons, before collapsing from exhaustion on Leon’s deathly pale body.

DAY 6 – 2nd, Midsol 6th

After spending some time recovering while the sun rises, the group make their way down the cliff and enter the desert proper. Two hours into a heady, sickening walk through the heat, the group encounter a completely out of place mansion, plonked arbitrarily in the middle of the desert. After discerning it is a physical object existing in their plane of existence, but being unable to gain entry and it seemingly empty, the party move on, marking this oddity on their map.

Making steady but laborious progress, the party eventually find what matches the description of Arosh’s original home: a veritable ghost town. Abandoned and rotting, this small settlement is eerily empty, utterly devoid of any suggestion of life. Wind whisps around the structures, swirling the sand up. Walking through the dusty streets, the party take shelter from the midday sun in what would appear to have once been a store room or shop of some kind.

With the mystery of the ghost town ahead of them, and the ominous plans of Noreak still to be revealed, the future is unclear for the Cask Away Crew.

Author: Danilo (DM)


Session 3
Plan A, Plan B, Plan 5, Plan Firestorm...


DAY 3 – 4th, Midsol 5th

As the morning sky darkens and the temperature plummets, a lightening crack appears as if from no where. Suddenly, Haeden is standing with the party, apparently utterly unaffected. Having finished his studies, he commandeered one of the teleportation sigils and used it to instantaneously appear next to his associates.

The reunited party cross over River Gilpin using the Duskbark bridge. Taking Belarius’ suggestion, they follow the river back south until it meets the foreboding Gilpin Forest.

Entering the forest, attempting to use it for cover, they find their progress impeded by hanging vines and thick underbrush. Marven, using harvested squid ink the day before, wisely attempts to mark their route through the forest, aided by Marta’s cartography skills.

As they find themselves within a wide natural corridor, their path is blocked by dense spider web, unlike any have seen before. Before they have time to find an alternative route, Marven who is studiously marking trees at the rear of the party finds himself rooted the floor, by the same substance.

After a sickening battle with two huge spiders, looking for those who disturb their territory to feed to their children, Ander suffers a poisonous bite to the thigh. It quickly takes control of his fine motor control, and he drops to the floor like a felled tree (ironically what he just attempted to do himself). Lucky for him, the spiders are dispatched before they can carry him off to their lair.

With Leon’s expert navigation, the party manage to make it through much closer to their intended destination. Fatigued by their slog through the forest, they decide to camp out under the stars.

DAY 4 – 5th, Midsol 5th
After an uneventful night, the party stealthily approach a point of interest they spotted a few miles away. Ander, Leon, and Haeden successfully manage to recon the settlement, avoiding the routine patrol.

Deciding that more information is required before action, the party shuffles around the side of the camp, eventually finding the main entrance.

In a single decisive action, Ander decides now is the time. He confidently strides towards the guards manning the door, before failing to muster a believable reason for his presence. Lucky for him, and seeing this, Lynn also decides she should do something, in the way she does best, and immediately flings a firebolt. With surprisingly quick thinking for a Half-Orc, Ander suggests he’s there to warn the camp of an impending attack, such as the firebolt over his head.

All things considered, he got off pretty lightly, but the last the crew see of him is handcuffs being placed around his wrists as he’s escorted in to the camp. In a matter of hours, what was reconnaissance has now changed to a break in. Using the same rope trick as before, one by one, the Cask Away Crew subtlety enter the camp.

However, Belarius being the last one in is then immediately the first one to mess up, as he conspicuously peers around the building, is spotted by a somebody on the inside…

Author: Danilo (DM)



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