Calendar of Reyandor

1 year = 6 months = 44 weeks = 220 days
1 week = 5 days

Month Names:
Midfrost (10w, 50d)
Greysky (6w, 30d)
Fey’s Arrival (6w, 30d)
Midsol (10w, 50d)
Harvestspride (6w, 30d)
Brace (6w, 30d)

Day Names:
Days are usually referred to by their number, for example, “next third”, “last fifth”, and so on.

[day], [Month] [week]
4th, Brace 2nd
“The fourth day, of the second week in the month of Brace.”

(There is never a 6th day, instead, the week increments)
5th, Greysky 5th
1st, Greysky 6th
2nd, Greysky 6th

5th, Greysky 6th
1st, Fey’s Arrival 1st
2nd, Fey’s Arrival 1st

Calendar of Reyandor

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