Cask Away

Cask Away is a rustic, homely tavern in the one of Faversham’s dock districts. Frequented by river tradesmen and local old time regulars, with delicate and hand crafted wooden interior and fittings. A low-key chandelier hangs from the centre of the ceiling, with a number of torches equipped providing illumination. When anyone around on the second floor, dust falls through the cracks and disturbs the flames, making the light briefly flicker.

Alongside almost the entirety of the left hand wall is the bar, which is adorned with various knickknacks and trophies, ranging from preserved cyclops eyes to holiday dioramas.

The tavern is dominated by two main features: a hearth opposite the bar, impressive in it’s grandiosity for such an intimate establishment. The second, being half of an aged, but decidedly solid, cask of ale fixed above the bar, which is easily taller than a Halfling.

The proprietor, Birin, is well respected within the community, and goes out of his way to welcome new and old customers alike.

Since stories have spread of an intrepid band of adventurers protecting the pub from bandits, Cask Away is enjoying usually high profits, as local residents feel safer within its walls.

Cask Away

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