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A favoured trading post of captains traversing the River Gilpin. Duskbark Village is situated on the south side of the Viridian Swamp, on the far side of the river, just before it splits in two around the swamp.

Popular as a rest stop due to it being situated roughly midway between Faversham and the dwarven miners in the mountains. Captains treat their crew to a decent meal and sleep after facing the bracing trip downstream, or make appropriate preparations and maintenance before the final push around the swamp.

Despite being a safe distance from the swamp, the land is still saturated and verdant, mushy grass streets leads to wagons and carts being almost impossible to use. Many of the buildings are on stilts to avoid the possibility of mould and structural decay.

It’s not been around as long as Faversham, however it shows signs of substantial growth as the river is used more and more, and the ambitious frontiersmen who have set up shop here stand to gain a small fortune.

Dustbark Village

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