Gilpin Forest

A dense, deep forest, dominated by deep viridian and phthalo greens. A place where nature rules and hundred year old trees disappear off into the sky overhead. This forest is the reason the river is the primary mode of transport in the region. There are no paths, although as wild animals tend to do, there are faint trails well trodden routes.

Viewed from the sky, it’s a large kidney bean shape, a dark green smear on the landscape.

It is rarely traversed apart from the odd obsessed zoologist or desperate hunter. But a few entrepreneurial merchants gather magical reagents to sell in Faversham at a high price.

Interesting and exotic fauna inhabits the air; every so often small specks of light will seem to be floating against the breeze, or flit out of view when you try and focus on them. The forest floor is populated with various woodland critters, from passive, traditional mammals to intelligent fey creatures.

Gilpin Forest

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