Suraban Desert


Lilithia of the Valley


Situated in the far north-east of the wider Faversham region, the Suraban desert is an inhospitable place. Beginning at the natural boarders formed by the cliffs, rolling sand dunes stretch out for miles in each direction. Dotted with rocky outcrops and the odd desert plant, it is exceptionally rare to encounter another soul in this arid terrain. Uncomfortably hot during the day, and frigidly cold during the night, outsiders who do find themselves in the sandy expanse would be wise to find shelter often.

Arosh and her mercenaries used to eke out a modest existence here, until the night they were savagely attacked by “ghosts”, ethereal manifestations of some sort, not seen before in the region.

Since that day, rumours continue to circulate of travellers being attacked in the night, with peculiar lights appearing at random, seemingly an insurmountable distance away yet also right beside you. Although most find it hard to believe, the desert has become more dangerous since the mercenaries departure.

Suraban Desert

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