Cask Away Crew

Session 15

Opulence and Arrogance


DAY 15 – 2nd, Midsol 8th

After seeing the guards off along with Birin, Belarius and Leon head back upstairs and fill the rest of the crew in.
After agreeing that they should see what Donovan wants, they split the loot evenly between themselves and set off towards the castle hoping that Lian doesn’t arrive too soon.

After a short while they find themselves at the foot of Faversham’s towering castle. They proceed in without any of the guards hindering their entry and make their way into the lavish interior of the castle. Walls and floors adorned in expensive fabrics and materials and finished in brilliant reds, golds and purples, the group take in the opulence and d├ęcor, Ander also admires the softness of the carpet on his bare feet.

Not long after their entry they are addressed by an attractive young female half elf who pulls out some documentation and starts matching names to faces with precision and efficiency.
Afterwards she leads them down many corridors to Donovan’s chambers, her footsteps and turns very robotic and exact. The group are then led into an antechamber and are instructed to wait until being called. Marven enquires about the alcohol in the cabinet to which the half elf tells him that drinks are complementary, so he eagerly helps himself!

Not long after, the Marquess Donovan Noreak himself enters and greets the group warmly and ushers them into the main room. Belarius, Marven and Haeden take a seat in front of his desk while the rest of the group stand, a little wary of their host and what he might have in store for them.

Noreak addresses the group and thanks them for taking care of the bandit problem in his town. Then speaking to Leon directly, presents him with a gift wishing him a belated happy birthday. Unwrapping it, Leon finds a bag of holding containing a porcelain doll, he thanks Noreak but feels a little unsure as to what to do with a porcelain doll and puts it back into the bag.

The group finish their meeting having learned little, and head out of the castle and back to the Cask Away, hoping that Lian had not arrived yet and grew impatient with them. Upon arrival they settle down and fill Birin in as to what happened at the castle while they wait. Several hours later, Lian enters as expected, and struts up to Belarius and Leon arrogantly demanding if they are all ready. Gathering together, the gang quickly find themselves heading out westward towards Thesk….

Author: Sam (Leon)




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