Cask Away Crew

Session 16

Farm Fire Fight


DAY 15 – 2nd, Midsol 8th

The group, now accompanied by Lian, finally decided to begin their adventure to Thesk in search of the Sun Blade. By evening, Lian is hungry and the group decide to look for food in the nearby farms. They decide to go to the nearest farmhouse, to perhaps ask for food, or steal, but as everyone gets closer, they notice a big pillar of black smoke emerging from the house. Lian, Marven, and Marta get closer to the house to discover the house is on fire. Lian kicks the door open and is the first to rush indoors. Marta goes round the back and Marven and Haeden enter through a window, using Marven’s crowbar. Haeden doesn’t make such a graceful entrance and get caught up in the curtain.

Soon after, the rest of the gang arrive. Something catches the attention of Ander, and he stumbles up to the first floor of the farmhouse. After being cut free, Haeden’s attention is quickly taken by a fine selection of plates, cups and, posh looking knick knacks. Over in the next room, Lian discovers a boot on the floor of on of the smoke filled rooms. Upon touching it, the boot moves and goes to kick Lian. The boot is attached to a murderous bandit. Whilst the two are fighting, Marta is crawling on the floor in an attempt to sneak up on this bandit and tie his shoelaces together to try and trip him. She doesn’t succeed at being particularly stealthy, but remains undetected. Upstairs, Ander hears the screams of a woman and bursts into the bedroom, where he finds this woman, with torn clothing and defending herself with a chair leg. On the other side is another bandit with not a lot of clothing. Whilst all this is going down, Leon is valiantly trying to put out this spreading fire with buckets of water. However, the fire is too strong and the water doesn’t have much affect on it.

Marven leaves Haeden and joins Lian and Marta in fighting the bandit by throwing a knife at him. Whilst the three of them are fighting, Haeden seizes the opportunity to entirely fill his arms with stolen goods, but on his way out, he notices an unconscious man on the floor. He calls Marven back in to help this man with his healing magic, as he bolts out the door with his new loot. Lian and marta continue fighting this bandit. Marta strangles him with rope and Lian douses the man in oil and pushes him in the fire. The two then exit as the fire is slowly consuming the building. Marven heals the man and carries him out of the house as well.

Lian, Marta, Marven, Leon and Haeden make it outside, but realise their companion Ander is still inside, brawling with the bandit upstairs. During this the woman runs out of the room. The group attempt to help Ander fight with Marta’s Magehand and Lians archery. With this assistance, Ander shoves the bandit and himself out of the burning building.

As the fire further consumes the farmhouse, the remaining bandit emerges with a knife to the throat of the woman. Lian, Marven and Haeden succesfully avoid hitting the captive and weaken the bandits grip with arrows, bolts and magic. Lian walks up to this weakened bandit and drives the tip of his arrow into the heart. Moments later, the bandit falls lifeless.

The man who was rescued from the building begins to break down in tears as he witnesses his home falling down as the fire consumes it. Ander considers taking the woman with him, but decides against it, as he discovers that she is this mans wife. The gang suggest the couple head towards Faversham where they might get further help. Lian, Haeden and Ander decide to take horses for themselves to help on the long road to Thesk.

Ander decides to go and check on the farms chickens. He casts a ritual to speak with the 3 chickens he finds. After some persuasion with these not so intelligent creatures, one of the chickens decides to come with him on his adventure. With this, Ander gains a new chicken companion. Ander and his new friend reunite with the group, who decide to move on to the next farmhouse to get food.

Everyone gets on the back of one of the three horses the group recently obtained and ride up to the next house, owned by a half orc farmer. Lian attempts to deceive the farmer with offers of protecting the house from the bandits from earlier. After much persuasion, and Haeden’s use of mending to impress the farmer, the group are allowed to stay. Haeden, Lian and Marta enter the house, Ander goes to forage for food and the two rangers remain outside to keep on watch, to protect the house, as Lian said so. The three inside are given soup and meet the farmers son. Lian chugs down most of the bowl whilst Haeden and Marta struggle to get their fair share. The group decide to spend the evening here before continuing with their journey…

Author: Micky (Marven)




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