Cask Away Crew

Session 7

Cask Return Crew


DAY 8 – 4th, Midsol 6th

Deciding it’s best to return to Arosh with their findings, the party retrace their steps, making the harrowing trip back through the Suraban Desert.

DAY 9 – 5th, Midsol 6th

Upon reaching the familiar sight of the camp, the party approach Arosh. With a darkened brow, she brushes off all attempts Ander makes at courting, much to his dismay. Upon explaining their situation regarding the Lich and the spectres, Arosh quietens and leaves before returning with guards in arms. The party promptly prods her with a barrage of questions to which she dismisses. With one last solemn look, Arosh’s parting words were bitter, stating that due to the party’s failure, she must now send out her men to do something they didn’t want to do.

With a look of defeat, the party decides to make a stop to Dustbark Village on the way to Faversham. As night falls, eventually the crew make their way to the tavern to get some well-deserved rest. Lynn, feeling the most comfortable she felt in a long time, opens a tab for herself and a few of the crew. The party relaxes, and Marta even convinces the proprietor to let her perform, choosing to perform a song cheerfully about the (second) time the party almost died. The bustling atmosphere erupts as she then proceeds to bluff Lynn’s birthday, getting free drinks for the rest of the night.

Meanwhile, Ander, having finished off his Dragon’s Fortune drink, challenges the whole room to an arm wrestle. A hulking mass of a half-giant accepts the challenge and the two soon lock eyes. After a drawn-out power struggle between the two, Ander emerges as the victor, leaving the once proud half-giant to angrily retreat to his table.

As the tavern quietens down, Belarius, Lynn and Haeden continue to drink. The alcohol finally takes its toll on the trio when Lynn winces, indicating that she’s going to throw up, leaving Haeden and Belarius to stagger back and fall off their chairs onto the floor.

The rest of the party is left to pick up the pieces as the three drunkards are carried to the nearest inn, generously paid for by Leon.

Marven and Ander opt to take advantage of the situation with an ever so subtle prank on Haeden and Belarius…

DAY 10 – 1st, Midsol 7th

The next day, Haeden sets out with revenge in sight; he casts a firebolt at Marven, but misses and hits the now distraught Andre’s shop instead. A fight commences, and despite the best efforts to resolve the dispute and leave, Andre demands payment from Marven and his allies for the chaos they caused. Ultimately, Marven strikes a deal to hand over his trusty longbow and arrows to Andre, but demands that Haeden repay him later.

Marta and Leon inquire about the ships leading to Faversham, the party’s next destination. Meeting Saza a second time, the party board again The Cunning Caper, and travel back to the city where they first met. The party splits, with Leon and Marta choosing to visit Birin to get some answers and the rest following Lynn to her family’s house. After Marven’s actions back in Dustbark, she decide it best that Marven stay in more ‘secure’ lodging as not to cause any more trouble, let alone cause damage to her family home. She even makes him pay for his stay as to show him there is consequence for his actions. Marven, knowing he can’t argue this, pays Lynn and reluctantly heads into the storage room. After dealing with the sleeping situation, Lynn briefly catches up with a very sombre and drained Kire before sleeping.

At Cask Away, the normally cordial dwarf Birin recoils at the information Marta and Leon report, feeling compelled to let the whole city know, regardless of the consequences.

Author: Anna (Lynn)



Still need to edit it a bit but it’s up for now. Also Cask Away → Cask Return on Discord…we thought it was funny lol.

Session 7

Great work, interesting session!

Session 7

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