Cask Away Crew

Session 17

Farmers, Brigands, Gnolls!? Oh my!


DAY 15 – 2nd, Midsol 8th

Belarius, Leon, Ander and Marven await outside the farmer’s house. Belarius begins patrolling the perimeter whilst Marven stands guard outside the front door. Lian and Haeden begin inspecting the house in an attempt to be searching for vulnerabilities from bandit attacks however Haeden is quickly seen as suspicious and stopped before he could attempt to rifle through the bookshelf. Marta is given some hay in the corner of the room to sleep on whilst Haeden cleans up the plates and bowls and sneakily steals a spoon.

Outside the house, the group decide on turns to keep watch as night falls.

DAY 16 – 3rd, Midsol 8th

The group bids farewell to the farmer and bids welcome to Butterscotch, Ander’s new chicken. The path to Thesk leads them away from the safety of the main road and upon their travels they spot something on the horizon…

A group of Gnoll brigands descend upon the party!


The two groups charge at each other, slinging spells and arrows, landing heavy hits on two gnolls, Belarius, Ander and Viktor. Belarius dashes towards the leader gnoll however his horse becomes spooked and throws him off. Marta reduces a gnoll to critical health and running for his life as the rest fire arrows at the part with one critically spearing Belarius.

The party begin their counterattack by disarming, maiming and thunder waving the gnolls, knocking some off their mounts. Belarius is bleeding heavily as the leader gnoll turns to Haeden. Three gnolls shortly fall to Anders, Leon and Marta as Blaez rips out the throat of a horse. Belarius finally falls, however barely gets back up again. Anders and Leon continue their onslaught slaying multiple gnolls leaving the leader and one wounded gnoll left standing.

Working as a team, Marta blinds the leader allowing Leon to land a heavy slash proceeded by Ander’s killing blow with a javelin. The last remaining enemy is finished off with a blow to the back of the head with a shovel by Marta.


The group spend an hour in the bright midday sun tending to their wounds, sounded by their fallen enemies, before continuing their journey to Thesk…

Author: Chris (Belarius)




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