Cask Away Crew

Session 18

How to Tame Your Griffin


DAY 16 – 3rd, Midsol 8th

The group recuperate after fending off the attack from the vicious group of gnoll. While some rest up and tend to the wounded, Ander decides to cut off the pelt of one of the gnoll as a victory prize of his battle to take with him.

The group prepare to set off but some of them spot three dark figures coming towards them from the north. After a moment of debate the crew decide that it would be best to try and avoid further confrontation and ride out to avoid being seen.
As they ride off on horseback, Leon looks to see that the figures are three huge griffins. He shouts this to the others and they ride as fast as they can but he notices that one has landed at the scene of their last battle. The remaining two draw closer and closer and the crew debate on what to do, Ander deviously decides to swipe at Lian‘s horse to use it as a decoy but just narrowly avoids falling of from the sheer weight of holding his sword one handed.
The griffinsfly closer and closer and Leon takes a shot at one, sending it into a dive bomb attack to which it misses and tumbles across the floor. The other attacks Ander and lifts his horse off the ground, sending Ander tumbling to the floor. The warrior half stunned leaps up and goes for the grounded beast as it tries to make an escape. He leaps up and clutches the bird like leg, hanging on for his life. Haeden and Belarius see their comrade and catch on to his actions and start to fashion some lasso’s, Haeden manages to hook his over Ander’s foot and Marven assists in helping to pull them in. Belarius unfortunately fails on his first attempt but after some mad roping in skills manages to haul his rope up for a second attempt which ensnares the feathered fiend around the neck.

The second griffin, seeing it’s fellow brother in trouble swoops back in and cuts the rope around Ander’s leg to which not long after Ander is soon shaken off along with the rope. Haeden refashions the rope into another lasso while Leon and Marven shoot at the second gryphon sending it into a hasty retreat.

The group soon pull the beast down and have it subdued, knocking it unconscious. They drag it back to the corpse sight to obtain meat to feed it and gain it’s trust but soon find that this is a task in it’s self as the griffin show’s no signs of being called ally just yet.

The group after resting up for the night set off the next morning for Thesk, leading the griffin on with some meat on the end of one of Ander’s spears. They soon find the ground become more arid and dry as they come into a more mountainous area and eventually come across the town of Gresnik. The towns people stare on unsure whether to be scared or worried that a giant griffin has been led into their town.

The group walk through and soon come across a large group of people angry and shouting outside a large building. After listening in and inquiring carefully they soon find out that the towns people want to mine using a new technique but the druid’s don’t want the balance of nature disturbed from this action..

Will the group help to alleviate the situation or will they carry on in their quest to attain a gryphon companion?

Author: Sam (Leon)



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