Alqinor – Town mayor

Darona – Elf leader of the Naysayers

Jurark – Half-Orc leader of miners union


One of the few prosperous settlements in the region, and the closest to the border, Gresnik is an unwelcoming huddle of boulders. Embedded in the side of a mountain, structures are spread over three shelves reached by curved stone staircases. Although the township does contain fundamental amenities, most travellers opt to push through straight to their destination.

Dwarfs and humans make up the majority of the sparse population, however the odd half-giant might also be spotted looming above the citizens. Many keep to themselves, resigned to the daily drudgery. Newcomers are all but ignored, as long as they don’t stir up much trouble.

The lower and upper shelves are primarily used for housing and convenience services, with the middle shelf holding the majority of shops and the town square with its adjoining hall. All three levels have an attractive view of the glade at the foot of the valley – a rare sight in this region, and one of the reasons the town was founded here.

Gresnik has recently appointed Alqinor as its mayor, a young half-elf who tries his best to improve the lives of residents, however this is easier said than done.


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