Jones’ Arcane Supplies

A modest magical component store, situated on Faversham’s western side. Owned and maintained by the eponymous, aged human male, Maximilian Jones. Often the first stop of those with magical ability as they enter the city via the docks, it stocks a wide but shallow variety of magic related paraphernalia.

One wall is composed entirely of shelves overspread with vials, flasks, and carafes containing a multitude of exotic materials. Some containers are opaque, some emit a faint glow, and some appear to be full of more solid materials such as sand or grains.

On the opposite wall is a more traditional library; shelves of various arcane literature written in multiple languages, caked in dust.

At the center of the boutique is a small marketplace style stand, with two angled sides. Stacked on each is a menagerie of magical components, from simple sprigs of bushes & crow feathers, to giant’s toes & basilisk eyes.

Jones’ Arcane Supplies

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