Renarth’s Foundation for the Talented

The impressive campus of Renarth’s Foundation for the Talented (RFT) is situated centrally within Faversham’s eastern side. Composing of a number of courtyards, a central academic mansion, and various maintenance and logistics structures, RFT commands an imposing presence over the surrounding district.

RFT exists to scout and train those with strong or latent magical ability. Founded by the late Renarth over 200 years ago, it’s alumni have consistently achieved highly; winning many arcane awards and progressing the disciplines of magic.

Eschewing traditional topics of education, the students are committed fully to their studies of magic, and unfortunately often graduate lacking elementary knowledge of geography, politics, and economics.

The main building is one of the most grandiose buildings in Faversham, with a refined, opulent architecture. Spiraling columns extend to tall ceilings, and intricate arches support the upper floors. Routinely, the pristine halls explode with furious bursts of activity as the students hurry from one class to the next.

Owning an unusually large patch of land within the city obviously demands high tax. This cost is passed on to the students in the form of tuition fees. Unless a prospect is from an affluent background or sponsored by the school itself due to magical potential, they are unlikely to secure a place at RFT.

Due to the elitist nature of many of the academics, there exists a schism between them and the facilities staff, leading to disagreements and a general level of mistrust.

Renarth’s Foundation for the Talented

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