The planet of Reyandor sits comfortably in the Goldilocks Zone, the fourth planet away from its star with an orbital period of 220 days.

Expansive, contiguous continents are divorced by expanses of largely uncharted, tempestuous seas.

Long and lazy summers are interrupted by short progressions into bitterly cold winters.

There is a band of particularly accommodating climate along the equator, and as such, many human founded settlements can be found within a few hundred kilometres.

Further afield, all manner of creatures exist on Reyandor, some more peacefully than others. From the nomadic but fiercely protective frost giants of the extreme north, to the pompous and ostentatious elves of the of Elasari.

Magic is native to Reyandor, and can be found in all its nooks and crannies. Although the general population is aware of its presence, only a relative few possess the affinity or patience to command much more than simple parlour tricks.


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