Faversham City


Cask Away
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Renarth’s Foundation for the Talented
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Vale Vigors


Birin Hopheart
Donovan Noreak

Brother James, human male, cultist, church of Corellon, deceased
Brother Paul, human male, cultist, recovering in the Cask Away
Kire Vale, half-elf male, brother to Lynn and joint-manager of Vale Vigors
Lolleth, elf female, academic, RFT
Lynn Vale
???, human male, necromancy fetishist, RFT


Faversham is a typical, medium sized city built along the banks of the large River Gilpin. Marquess Noreak presides from his modest castle, which can be seen from most parts of the town. Within the walls live a mixed population of approximately 20,000, although there are fewer of the rarer races and they keep to themselves, so it’s somewhat uncommon to see them.

A commercial city; markets, shops, taverns & inns, and homes make up the urban areas.
There are a few major temples to the primary deities dotted around, but due to Noreak’s disdain for magic, they get little support from the state and primarily rely on donations.

The numerous wharfs can be smelt right up to the city gates. Indeed, the defining feature of the city is the river; foghorns and shipping noises permeate throughout the streets.

Various political and commercial unions dominate the smaller precincts, and due to a slight layer of corruption, there is a despotic nature among the higher class.

In the market squares many entertainers busk for money, with some conjuring cheap magical illusions to amaze and impress. However, destruction and enchantment magic is strictly outlawed within the city walls, due to Noreak’s disposition.

His dedicated (and well paid) guards patrol vehemently. Due to this, there is a thieves guild, but it is more wily and secretive than in other similar cities. Even common street criminals act with extreme caution and surprising guile. Reported “street” crime is low but taxes are certainly high.

Since the (mis)adventures of the party, Faversham has found itself continually besieged by bandit strikes. Among the common populace, there is a general air of uncertainty and caution, with the streets being markedly quieter during the night.

Faversham City

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